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  1. As part of my promotional blog posts the first person I am highlighting is Anne from Anniecraftymakes. 
    Here is a little bit about Anne in her own words 
    I live in Weymouth, Dorset. I have been knitting and sewing most of my life. I have mostly taught myself with infleunce from my mother and grandmother. I have in the past done craft fairs and sold my textiles at a local craft shop. 
    I have now decided to open a Etsy shop called Anniecraftymakes selling my project bags. Each bag has its own name and is one of a kind. I luv to experiment with new ideas and designs. 
    My luv of knitting goes way back into my childhood watching my nan knit. I find it very calming and soothing.
    You can find me on Instagram and You Tube under Anniescraftymakes. I recently started podcasting and will be posting more in the future. 
    Anne makes the most beautiful bags which you can see here 
    Easter Bunnies 
    Bird Dreams 
    Bees in flight 
    Pink fire 
    Please go and show Anne some support on her social media and new Etsy shop. 
    If you have enjoyed this promotion on my blog and would like the chance to be featured please drop me a message. 
  2. How To Get Freebies Without Being Scammed 


    Here is your ultimate guide to getting legitimate free products in 2018 without getting scammed or ripped off. 


    We all love good freebies, and fortunately, there are many websites online that are happy to give them to you.  Although many of them list the same products, for the most part, it is very important to ensure that you go to the best sites so that you don't waste a lot of time sorting through rubbish. 


    Begin by making sure you read all of the fine print




    There might be a catch with some freebies, including needing to buy something (so actually that isn't at all free!).  Make sure that you read any fine print to know what you are getting into and what the terms and conditions are. 


    Look for reviews


    Before you sign up for anything, first do some research on the company or website, and look for comments and reviews online.  If there is just one bad report, don't get all hung up on it.  However, there is probably a good reason if nobody has anything good to say. 


    Don't give out your payment information


    If you never give credit card numbers out then there won't be a chance of you getting charged unexpectedly for anything.  There are some free trials that might ask you to enter in your payment information.  If you do decide to do that make absolutely sure to cancel before you are charged anything. 


    If it sounds too good to be true, then probably it is!  


    It is possible to get items for free like freebie rewards and free samples, but you will never get a free car, hundreds of pounds in cash, etc. So if an offer sounds way too good to be true, then most likely it is.   


    Best places for freebies


    Freebie sites 


    BzzAgent - Free products are offered in exchange for you making their company on your Twitter, Facebook, and other social accounts. 

  and  These websites let people within your local area offer free items that they don't need or want any longer.  It can be really good for things such as furniture. 


    ApplauseStore - get free tickets for filmings and TV show recordings.


    GumTree (Freebies section) - Almost anything can be found on Gumtree, including freebies, ranging from fire extinguishers to sofas, TVs, concrete, soil and scrap wood. 

  -  A great mixture of free samples, freebies and printable vouchers that can be used in stores all over the country.  The free stuff they are currently offering ranges from coffee to makeup. At the moment they have an amazing freebie where L’Oreal are offering 70,000 samples of their new Safflower Shampoo.