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    As a crafter you can never have too many tape measures! So when funky tape measure asked me to review one of their personalised tape measures I was happy to.



    The tape measure arrived quickly and was packaged beautifully in a nice box so it looked like a present. It was protected in tissue paper too. The print was clear with nice bright colours and the quality of the tape measure is really good.

    There are so many options you can have but I asked for the keep calm and cast on slogan on mine. I love this tape measure it's so shiny and really robust. Has great measurements on each sides of the tape too which is a must have when measuring larger garments that I'm making.





    The Funky Tape Measure has a belt clip at the back and a lock for when you are measuring. It also has the measurements on both sides which are good for different types of work and it is rated as EC Class II which the people at Funky Tape Measure explain means it can be used by builders and tradesmen as well as just people who are doing DIY and crafts.



    So if you are looking for a different style of tape measure that you can personalise then Funky Tape Measure is the place for you! 




    Disclaimer - this product was sent to me free of charge for an honest review. All views are my own

  2. Without fail this time every year my Mum and I go to the local garden centre and pick out bedding plants.  Living in rural Norfolk we are very lucky to have so many garden centres to choose from, but we have our favourite.





    When I was a little girl I remember playing in my Mums garden and there being these flowers that looked like little dragons mouths as you squeezed the back of them.  Since then I have almost every year had some snap dragons, as I learnt they were called in my garden.



    We chose a large variety of plants this year including geraniums and training labelia.  I even chose a tomato plant for my son to try and grow and look after, although the recent heatwave hasnt helped it too much!


    Im hoping to do some more posts on growing your own food and preparing your garden so look out for those posts too.